Planning & Preparations

A little less clutter

I’ve been working more and more on clearing things out so that I can be closer to ready when it’s time to go. My old dresser has a new home, pots & pans have been sorted, clothes are chosen, even jewelry has been gone through. Most of these things are still in the house, but they’re bagged or boxed up and will be heading out the door as soon as I get the opportunity (probably to Second Chances). Granted, I still have a long way to go, but this is a good pace for me. It allows me to figure out what is really getting used and what isn’t without that rush of trying to do it all at once.

I have a lovely new-to-me dresser from Liz at and my clothes fit into one side! There are a total of eight drawers and the left side has plenty of space remaining for anything else I might put in there. The right-hand side will likely hold my yarns & fibers in the top drawers and linens in the lower drawer, but I might change that once I get the motor home and figure out how I want to have things situated. I also now have a small locker where I can lock a few things, if need be. Most likely I’ll use it to store books & such so that they don’t get bounced around. And, of course, the surfaces will be nice for a variety of things during the stops that I’ll make.

Lone bloom on my Christmas Cactus.
Lone bloom on my Christmas Cactus.

There is a part of me that wants to head out right think moment even though I’m not anywhere close to being ready. I think it’s more because of all the things happening around me right now that makes me feel that way, so I’m doing what I can to stay mellow about it all. Things will happen as they happen, right?

In the meantime, sales through The Raven’s Cauldron Shop are a happy blessing that helps add to my savings account and I’ve come to really enjoy making the items that go in there. I’m hoping to have some cool potholders and more towels added soon.

Oh! I nearly forgot, I want thank all who have checked out the Morrigan’s Nest Facebook page as well as the one for The Raven’s Cauldron. You guy are pretty awesome!

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