Planning & Preparations

Slowly, slowly

As cold temperatures race through the country, I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to handle the winters. Oh, I have ideas of adding insulation, possibly the under-floor heating, and lots of wooly rugs, but will that be enough? I know that I could just drive somewhere where the temperatures are a little nicer, but my intention is not to drive all over the countryside in a rush to avoid the seasons. Instead, I want to take my time and meet with the people in the areas that I visit. I want to invite my yarny friends to sit with me over coffee or tea while we chat. I want to take a moment in an afternoon to enjoy the sounds of birds and watch the sun rise. Or set. And yet, winter worries me.

For the moment, I will set that aside and focus on right now. Right now, my schedule is still so hectic that I hardly have a moment to myself. Yes, I have a lot of down time/knitting time, but it’s almost all while I’m sitting in a building waiting for something. Waiting on an appointment, waiting for Brianna’s final touches on her presentation, waiting for Brianna to finish physical training with the recruiters, waiting, waiting. I could drive home and come back later to get her, but I’ve already been adding more than 100 extra miles each week  and I’m not willing to double that right now. So, I wait. I believe there is an end in sight, though. Then my knitting time will be paired up with dyeing time and embroidery time so that I can replenish the shops. I currently have yarn sitting in a box waiting for splashes of color. I have potholder parts that need to be put together. I even have crystal grids that need to be assembled. All I need now is a little more time at the house. Soon, I hope.

I’m still cleaning out the house. There are some things that I just can’t bring myself to part with and other things that I’ve been told not to part with. My Renaissance dress, for example. I was talking with a friend and was reminded that Brianna told me that I should keep it in case I get to go to a Faire one of these days. I have lots of friends across the country who like the Faires and it would be so fun to dress up. And, as she bluntly pointed out, I worked really hard on it. Other things, such as coffee mugs, I can’t let go of. For one reason or another, I love the ones I have. But… I still have so much stuff! I haven’t even touched my closet yet.

I’m currently looking for another place to live, too. One that costs a bit less and allows me to save up even faster. There are a few RVs on Craigslist right now that look like they’d be great for my needs, but I’m not yet in a position of haggling with anyone. But once I am, oh, the ideas I have!

I do hope you are all having a wonderful day and are staying warm out there. My heart goes out to you and I look forward to the day I get to sit with some of you with coffee and knitting in hand. 🎇


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