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It's not often that I feel the urge to bake, but I did yesterday and want to share that recipe with you. Ingredients Add-ins 2 ΒΌ cups of all purpose flour 1 package chocolate chips 1 tsp salt (use half if you're using salted butter)1 cup walnut pieces 1 tsp baking soda1 cup pecan pieces… Continue reading Cookies!

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Ghosts and towns…

Picture taken about 35 years ago in Arizona. "But things like this they had to pass, Sunk in the sand on the Arkansas, This rosewood sofa that clutched the sun With every foot a gryphon's claw; The saw it shining far ahead, They turned to see it far behind, And dreamed of men who dared… Continue reading Ghosts and towns…

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There was a time when I would find interest in something and jump in with both feet, no hesitation. Crafts, books, foods, ideas, and so much more. Counted cross stitch? I found the most intricate pattern I could find and worked on it for hours at a time. Model cars? I had fine brushes to… Continue reading Rising…

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Depth and more…

First, there is a super special announcement in the Nest! I'm going to be a Nana this summer! My daughter (who turned 22 today) is expecting her first child. She & her husband haven't been specifically trying, but they stopped avoiding pregnancy (with the implant) in June of this year. Yes, there will certainly be… Continue reading Depth and more…

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Ancestors and more

A few months ago, Brianna chose to participate in the DNA testing. I thought it would be interesting to find out "what she's made of" since there isn't really a way for us to know for certain who her father was. (For those who don't know, I was in a relationship, but was also… Continue reading Ancestors and more

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As most of you know, I've planted my Nest in Sandusky again. As some of you know, it was to help my son cope with some of the issues that surround his combat PTSD. In some ways he is a lot better (he doesn't sleep with loaded weapons anymore, but that's because we took them… Continue reading Changes

Planning & Preparations

Not yet settled

I have arrived in Ohio! The drive on Monday was a little unnerving since there were a few strong gusts and lots of blowing snow, but it's over now. Serephina and Khaleesi handled the trip well enough, but Ofelia... well, she didn't do so well. She ended up wetting my bed at one point and… Continue reading Not yet settled