Letting go…

The Raven's Cauldron

Sometimes you have a wondrous dream and you begin building it the best that you can. That’s precisely what I was doing several years ago when I created The Raven’s Cauldron. I had several other paths growing at the same time and was able to juggle them all. A lot has happened since 2014, though, and it’s time to recognize when things need to be let go.

You see, I was trying to keep all the facets of my life separated into tiny boxes – yarn, herbs, witchy stuff, healing stuff – and it became more burdensome to keep them all going at the same time. After a while, especially after the stress of the last presidential administration and the chaos of 2020, it became too much.

I’m closing the Etsy shop as well as this page in order to focus more on which direction my life is heading now…

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It's not often that I feel the urge to bake, but I did yesterday and want to share that recipe with you. Ingredients Add-ins 2 ¼ cups of all purpose flour 1 package chocolate chips 1 tsp salt (use half if you're using salted butter)1 cup walnut pieces 1 tsp baking soda1 cup pecan pieces… Continue reading Cookies!

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As most of you know, I've planted my Nest in Sandusky again. As some of you know, it was to help my son cope with some of the issues that surround his combat PTSD. In some ways he is a lot better (he doesn't sleep with loaded weapons anymore, but that's because we took them… Continue reading Changes


She’s here!

I am now the happy owner of a 1987 Georgie Boy LM. She's old and needs a lot of cleaning up, but also solid and in great condition. The great thing is that Anthony got his within a couple days of me finding mine. His blog is here and he's just getting started on it.… Continue reading She’s here!



A quick update for some of you. I’ll be writing something more detailed in a few days.

Cauldron's Path

ClothHappy Monday to you all! I have to tell you that I’m really, really happy to be here. I had my appendix removed on Wednesday  and was completely unprepared for the whole situation. No backup plan for orders and dyeing, no real plan for dealing with the cats’ feeding schedule and litter boxes, not even a will or living will. Yep, I fell short on this one, that’s for sure.

Luckily, everything went smoothly and I was able to come home the following evening. My kids had taken care of the cats, of course, and there was no need to worry about possessions and bank accounts and all that other jazz. But it was a little bit of a wake-up call for me. I’m still sorting out my feelings and thoughts over it all and will likely be doing so for a couple weeks.

For now, I want you all…

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Miscellaneous, Thoughts & Musings

A quiet morning

As the sky begins to lighten, I think about the way the last half of 2016 has gone for many of us. And I think about myself, too. There were days, weeks even, when I thought that I'd give up my dreams of heading out onto the highways and visiting with all the people I've… Continue reading A quiet morning


Celebrating Being a Woman…

The Bohemian Hobbit


It took me close to 30 years to fully appreciate and love who I am.  At 41 years old, I really am excited that today we are celebrating International Woman’s Day.  Sure, I get it, there seems to be a day where we are nationally and universally recognizing everything under the sun, but in reality, isn’t that what life is all about?  To celebrate?  To live?  We become so involved in our own realities that we forget to stop for a moment and think what we’re doing all this for.  So, I truly believe days like this were created to help us stop, think, and celebrate.  Today, I celebrate being a woman.

As my friend Beth in California said yesterday, she described herself as this:  “I am the eternal dreamer. I dream big and never give up on my dreams. I made California happen, I can make any dream happen…”

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