A quick update for some of you. I’ll be writing something more detailed in a few days.

Cauldron's Path

ClothHappy Monday to you all! I have to tell you that I’m really, really happy to be here. I had my appendix removed on Wednesday  and was completely unprepared for the whole situation. No backup plan for orders and dyeing, no real plan for dealing with the cats’ feeding schedule and litter boxes, not even a will or living will. Yep, I fell short on this one, that’s for sure.

Luckily, everything went smoothly and I was able to come home the following evening. My kids had taken care of the cats, of course, and there was no need to worry about possessions and bank accounts and all that other jazz. But it was a little bit of a wake-up call for me. I’m still sorting out my feelings and thoughts over it all and will likely be doing so for a couple weeks.

For now, I want you all…

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A quiet morning

01 As the sky begins to lighten, I think about the way the last half of 2016 has gone for many of us. And I think about myself, too.

There were days, weeks even, when I thought that I’d give up my dreams of heading out onto the highways and visiting with all the people I’ve come to know over the years. I could feel myself giving up home of actually being able to make this into a reality anytime soon. After all, my failing health, slow sales, and so many other things were adding to the weight that I was carrying and it all felt to be too much.

That’s not true, though. There are more and more days when I know that I’ll be standing in the Acadia National Park or the Tonto National Monument Park, and I’ll be able to share those adventures with all of you. There are even more days when I remember how many people believe in me and those thoughts life me out of my doubt more than anything.

Today is Christmas and I am wondering where I’ll be next year. Will I be with the kids? Will I be on a mountain or a desert mesa? Will I have lights in the RV? So many unknowns out there and all of them with the potential for adventure and joy and wonder.

I wish you all the very best for the remainder of this year, and the best blessings possible for the next.

Celebrating Being a Woman…

The Bohemian Hobbit


It took me close to 30 years to fully appreciate and love who I am.  At 41 years old, I really am excited that today we are celebrating International Woman’s Day.  Sure, I get it, there seems to be a day where we are nationally and universally recognizing everything under the sun, but in reality, isn’t that what life is all about?  To celebrate?  To live?  We become so involved in our own realities that we forget to stop for a moment and think what we’re doing all this for.  So, I truly believe days like this were created to help us stop, think, and celebrate.  Today, I celebrate being a woman.

As my friend Beth in California said yesterday, she described herself as this:  “I am the eternal dreamer. I dream big and never give up on my dreams. I made California happen, I can make any dream happen…”

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A quiet hush

This morning I woke to a wonder-filled world covered in snow. It was so quiet that I could hear the snowflakes landing on the ground. I stood on my doorstep a moment to take it all in. Off to the right, in the distance, I could hear a cardinal beginning the first song of the day. Slightly off to the left and closer, a mourning dove quietly chimed in. No one else had stepped outside yet and the snow was pristine and sparkling and I was so enchanted by it, that I hardly breathed for a little bit.

Morning Hush
Morning Hush

I couldn’t help but think about how mornings like this will be out in the woods. When I truly am the only person around for miles. I think it will be amazing. As will the storms coming across the Sonoran Desert. Or the breeze whispering through the forest trees. I look forward to it all.

Things have been a little hectic around the house, still, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief when we get past this week. Until then, I hope you all have had a wonderful morning!

A Big Step Forward

Yesterday I opened The Raven’s Cauldron! I’ll admit that I was pretty worried about several things, but I can’t exactly figure out why. I’ve asked myself if it was the fear of not making any sales or maybe that no one would like the shop or that I would just lose the passion for it. These are all silly worries, really. I think, for the most part, it was simply that it’s new and that’s always a little scary. With that opening, I will be building toward the motor home a little bit faster. Of course, a portion of the money needs to be put back into the shop for additional supplies and new items, but the rest? That will go straight into my savings account. Along with any other “extra money” I get.

Blessed SolsticeThis has been a strange month so far. As I continue to clear out things that haven’t been used or even touched since we got to Asheville, I can’t help think about the “why” behind their disuse as well as why they were purchased in the first place. Some of the things I am letting go of are simply not needed anymore. Like the stacks of books that are now sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to leave the house (these are going to be donated). Or the other stack of books in my living room that are waiting to be mailed out to their new homes. Or all the kitchen stuff that came out of the cabinets and are now in a box for donation. I haven’t even started on the closets yet.

With the new emptiness and open spaces, it’s hard to imagine that I still need to clear out more to fit into the new home. Even with the clever organization and storage under the vehicle, I know that I need to be very careful with what will come with me simply because I know that the bigger items (spinning wheel, skein winder, swifts) will take up a lot of floorspace. Along with all the business supplies.


In the middle of all of this, I’m working very hard to keep the tears from my eyes whenever I think about Brianna leaving in February. That is so close! Even though I’ve “prepared” myself for this throughout the years, having it glaring at me in the near future makes it seem all too real. I think it was easier when Anthony left home because I still had Brianna so it wasn’t a complete shock. I truly will have an empty Morrigan’s Nest. Perhaps that’s part of the reason that having a traveling nest is so appealing. And maybe this is why I look at my Yule tree with just a touch of sadness even while it brings a smile to my face.

May you all have a fantastic holiday season!


One Lovely Blog Award


I have to admit that I’m a little bit teary-eyed. I know, I know, that’s something silly, but it’s been a long weekend and I’m just now sitting down to get caught up on things. When I checked in here I see that I’ve been nominated by Heather at Donning the Crescent for my blog. Dearest Heather, thank you so much! You really brought light and joy to my Solstice day.

Heather introduced me to a new book (in a round about way) and, because of the other sites she nominated, I now have quite a bit of reading to do! This is a wonderful way to spend some of the winter evenings and I look forward to getting to know them all a little bit.

Now to the rules of this event:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. (Done)
  2. Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post. (I almost forgot that, isn’t it pretty?)
  3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself. (in just a moment)
  4. Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire, and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog (I’ll be doing that right after I finish).

Seven things…

  1. I am saving up for a motor home to move into it and live as frugally and self sufficiently as possible.
  2. I have 3 cats who will be traveling with me and I’m currently in the process of training them to be on harnesses. Outdoors will happen when the weather is nicer and I get them micro-chipped.
  3. I started following the Pagan path in 1997, but it was sporadic for the last decade. I’m working on that.
  4. I have 2 kids: Anthony just turned 23 and Brianna will be 18 on New Year’s Eve.
  5. I am forty-three years old and don’t keep that a secret.
  6. I don’t dye my hair and am actually a little in love with all the silver strands.
  7. I have been dyeing yarn and selling it online since January 2010 and today I opened an online metaphysical shop (The Raven’s Cauldron) that is still small, but I am hopeful.

The 15 blogs I nominate are (also, the “because” I added isn’t part of the rules):

  1. Donning the Crescent – because her words are a joy to read.
  2. Be Love Live – because she’s so down to earth and a joy to know (I’m a little sad that she’s moving, but more sad that I wasn’t able to meet up with her more often).
  3. James Radcliffe – because his words are raw and truthful and eloquent.
  4. Witches of the Craft – because even though I am still new to that site, I really felt like there was a lot to learn from it.
  5. Spanish Woods – because the pictures are breathtaking and the words are eloquently paired with them.
  6. Messages from the Faeries – because Faeries and Tarot? And the site is just cool.
  7. Silver Ravenwolf – because I’ve been reading her work since 1997 and I like that most of what she says is straightforward and no-nonsense.
  8. Honey Rock Dawn – because I’m truly inspired by the life she lives
  9. Gone with the Wynns – because they have awesome information about RV living. And cats!
  10. LaBelleStudio – because the images and words speak to my soul.
  11. High in the Woods – because the poetry is lovely and raw and sometimes it hurts, too. (ETA: I hadn’t read this blog since the poem was posted on the 18th. When I read it today, I discovered that he had been hit by a car while walking and died at the scene. I am going to sit in silence for a little while now.)
  12. Ch’kara SilverWolf – because I’m always looking for more books.
  13. Christopher Martin Photography – because they pictures are beautiful and inspirational.
  14. bear Medicinewalker – because I love reading the stories.
  15. HocusPocus13 – because I like to see the variety of things posted.

I hope that you check out each of these blogs and enjoy doing so. Blessings to you all!