Sadness and Sunshine

I’m going to say the first part swiftly and without elaboration. I think it will make it easier.

Aurora died at the beginning of April. Her health had declined rapidly and, even though I knew it was coming, it hit me really, really hard.

There. I did it. Yes, it’s been over a month, but I miss her terribly most days. She brought so much laughter to my life and there were so many things that I did because of her that every day has been an effort not to cry. Everything from announcing that I’m “doing foil” so that she could go hide (she was afraid of the sound) to the immediate purry-meow whenever I opened a bag of cheese… all of these things I now do without my blue-eyed sweetheart. I have never had a more loving animal in all of my life and I think I’ll miss her for a very long time.

01In other news, Ofelia is completely recovered from her spaying surgery and has even been taking naps with the other cats. She has her favorite toy and, while she will occasionally play with something else, she gets a little sad when she can’t find the purple mouse. Usually it’s found under a table or a blanket because that’s where she put it and promptly forgot. We shaved most of Lyra’s fur recently to help her stay cool during the hotter days and she seems a lot more comfortable. She still “bosses” us around if we’re up past our normal bedtimes, but mostly she seems to be enjoying her golden years (she’s now 12). Serephina has been sleeping by my side lately instead of at my knees and I can’t help but wonder if it’s her way of letting me know that she cares about me.

Plans for the motor home are coming along nicely. I’m hesitant to say much about it right now since things have gone awry in the past, but I’ve been researching solar panels, battery banks, water filters, solar ovens, and so much more. There have been days when my brain is so crammed with the numbers of amp hours, watts, battery percentage, sun percentage, and how they all mesh together to give me a semi-comfortable existence that I can imagine the numbers oozing out of my ears. But, it’s all stuff I need to know before I connect everything up.

I’ve been able to start walking again and have been able to keep my goal of one mile per day with 2 days break. This morning I slowly ran one hundred meters. I know that it doesn’t seem like very much and, compared to a 5k or a marathon, it’s just a drop in the bucket. But it’s a start. I’ve brought most of my health issues under control, though there is still the prospect of surgery, but I’ll cross that bridge when I’ve no other options. The good thing is that I’m back on my feet. And I intend to stay there, even though there are regular naps along the way.

It’s beautiful most mornings and I’m able to step out onto the porch and watch the sun rise. There is a slight scent of rosemary and lavender from the plants I have out there and I usually run my fingers through the leaves to make the scent stronger before I head back inside to start my workday. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to figure out how to take them with me when I leave, even though I know that neither of them like living in pots.

I’d like to write more, but I also want to knit a little today and I’ve not been able to just yet. So, I’ll sign off and send out lots of love to you all.

A quiet morning

01 As the sky begins to lighten, I think about the way the last half of 2016 has gone for many of us. And I think about myself, too.

There were days, weeks even, when I thought that I’d give up my dreams of heading out onto the highways and visiting with all the people I’ve come to know over the years. I could feel myself giving up home of actually being able to make this into a reality anytime soon. After all, my failing health, slow sales, and so many other things were adding to the weight that I was carrying and it all felt to be too much.

That’s not true, though. There are more and more days when I know that I’ll be standing in the Acadia National Park or the Tonto National Monument Park, and I’ll be able to share those adventures with all of you. There are even more days when I remember how many people believe in me and those thoughts life me out of my doubt more than anything.

Today is Christmas and I am wondering where I’ll be next year. Will I be with the kids? Will I be on a mountain or a desert mesa? Will I have lights in the RV? So many unknowns out there and all of them with the potential for adventure and joy and wonder.

I wish you all the very best for the remainder of this year, and the best blessings possible for the next.

An overdue update

Happy September! I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I posted anything. Time really has a way of getting away from you, doesn’t it?

Skipping ahead a little, I’ll say this: I’m not living where I thought I’d be, but this place is better in many ways. The first being that I’m actually in town instead of out in the country. Yes, the country would be more soothing, but also more difficult to get to places I need to get to. Like the fabric store and work. It has also allowed me a way of “practicing” living in a tiny space since it’s a one-room apartment. Yep, that’s right, one room, plus a bathroom. The bathroom is pretty roomy, which surprised me a little, but the main room is a little over 200 square feet and I’ve learned how important sturdy shelves are. I now have 3 sets of the kind of shelf most people would put into their garage and I’m loving them. I set the shelves to the height I need to hold my things (printer, computer, yarn bins, etc.) and have attached a couple bolts to the sides to hang my project bags from. Later, I’ll decorate the shelves to be a little less “industrial” looking, but for now, they are great. I also now have a small freezer so that I can make meals and put the leftovers away for future meals. When I first moved in, I couldn’t do this because the fridge is very small (imagine a larger dorm-size unit).

I also changed jobs. I know that the office job was a very easy one, but I sat in front of a computer all day and I knew something had to change. So I started looking for the most physically demanding jobs I could find (that still paid decently) and am now working as a Flow Team member at one of the local Targets. Holy smoke, it’s physical! But I can now say that I can sling a 48 pound box from the conveyor to a pallet without straining myself. Why would I do this? Well, I’ll be out there on the road and want to make sure my body is capable of handling anything necessary. By working strenuously several hours a day, I know that I can easily deal with the necessities. Hauling wood, lifting several gallons of water, even traipsing through the woods for hours… all these things are going to happen and, with my newly added strength, I know I can do it.

As the season shifts into autumn, I’m reminded that on the 27th, the day and night will be the same length and we will begin the darker time of the year. My goal is to use as much of this season to get the shops filled with wonderful items for you all and to keep planning out the things needed for a life on the road.

For now, I will leave you with this design I worked on yesterday:

A wee Gryffindor owl, ready for autumn!
A wee Gryffindor owl, ready for autumn!

I’m hoping to get the remaining Hogwarts house colors done today. It’s a pretty intense design (over 45k stitches), but it really was too adorable not to make. The project bags I’ll be making will have one of the House colors as the liner for a little added fun.

May you have a day filled with beauty, fun, and love.