Planning & Preparations

Not yet settled


I have arrived in Ohio! The drive on Monday was a little unnerving since there were a few strong gusts and lots of blowing snow, but it’s over now. Serephina and Khaleesi handled the trip well enough, but Ofelia… well, she didn’t do so well. She ended up wetting my bed at one point and was off her feed for about 24 hours. Yesterday (Tuesday) she had finally come out from under the blankets and explored the spare room that we’re now ensconced in. She’s still spending more time under the blanket, but each day she’s out just a little more. She also has come to accept Anthony as an official chin-scritcher and even rubbed against his leg a few times. I think she will be all right before long.

The first night we (the cats & I) were here, we stayed in the RV. I’ll admit that when I saw an overnight low of 35° I wasn’t worried. After all, in North Carolina I had been going through those nights with the heater on medium and the curtain by the bedroom only partially closed. Well! Apparently, all the winterizing I’d done in NC made a huge difference to the comfort of the interior. I had to remove most of them in order to drive and didn’t have the time to put them all back before going to bed. That night, with the heater on high and the curtain completely closed, I was so cold! The living room was in the lower 50s and my bedroom was in the lower 60s (these temperatures are taken at chest level – the floors are about 15° cooler). Certainly not what I’d grown used to. This was a reminder of just how much I might have suffered if I’d not put those preparations in place when the winter temperatures dropped into the single digits.

The next day I got my essentials moved into the spare room, washed the bedding, then the cats and I settled in for the afternoon/evening.  I’d forgotten how noisy towns are and it was a little challenging to fall asleep. I know that I’ll get used to it again, but I do look forward to my next trip out of town.

Wednesday was mostly resting. I had reached the point of exhaustion and I knew that if I pushed too much further, I’d be unable to dye yarn. And so, I worked on my OWL proposal (are you familiar with the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup?) and enjoyed a little downtime with the cats. I’m doing my best to take it easy so that I don’t get back into that pattern of frenetically working only to crash days later.

IMG_2022[1]Today I got a few more things moved in and then worked on some of the flowers that Ann had given to me. I’ll need one more large pot, and I should be able to get it within the next day or two. I’m so happy to see all the plants out the kitchen window! I’m still nervous that some of them might not survive, but I’m hoping that they will all be able to come with me when it’s time to head west.

I look forward to getting the dye pot going again as well as working on this month’s sock pattern. There are still so many things to share with you all, but for the moment, it’s time for bed.

May your day be filled with beauty.

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