Planning & Preparations

I’ve rounded the corner

I’m so excited! I will be painting with Kilz tomorrow morning, then the colors on Thursday. If all goes well, I should be done with the walls no later than Friday, then I can start on the floor. I am running a little late on that, but I discovered that porch paint will work well with floors and I can tint it to whatever color I want. I’m happy about that since the drying time is significantly shorter than my original plan. Once the paint is dry enough I will be able to start moving some things in. I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous about that since the RV is 220 square feet, but I think it’s actually a bit larger than my last apartment in Asheville so I should be fine.

As of today, I have built channels to keep the wires & such covered and safe from cats, enclosed the area where the litter box will go, removed all the carpets and curtains, painted several items that needed spray paint instead of house paint, swept out 30 years worth of sand & dust, and repaired the bathroom wall & cab ceiling. I will still need to add trim to finish it properly, but I can do that after painting. Here are progress pictures in a Facebook album that I set to “public”.

The apartment is currently a disaster zone due to the fact that I’m spending most of my time on the RV and sleeping. Anthony is doing the same so his area doesn’t look so great, either. Even so, several large items are out of the apartment and installed in the RVs. It’s a bit amazing how much space is taken up with two mini-fridges, six AGM batteries, six solar panels, several cans of paint, and a variety of tools and other supplies. As this month draws to a close, and progress continues, more and more items are being cleared out.

One of the hardest parts during this renovation has been to take better care of myself. All I see is a looming deadline, but if I don’t take regular breaks, then I end up exhausted and near collapse. I now work early in the morning, nap in the afternoon (hottest part of the day), then work some more in the evening. I’ve promised myself that I’ll take a whole week off once I’ve driven to my first location. After that I’ll be gearing up for the next Designs by Mesha patterns as well as a special item for the shop.

Khaleesi likes my shoulder

In other news, Khaleesi snuggles with me each time I go see her and confirms that I’m her person. I know that the older cats will have a hard time with her at the beginning, but, as always, they will come around. In the meantime, I’ve already decided that she will get spayed while I’m in Asheville and that is when she’ll get her rabies shot as well.

Sunday was a day filled with friends, knitting, and coffee. It was probably the best day I’ve had for a very long while and it was a fabulous reminder of part of why I’m about to embark on this road trip. Meeting the people I’ve only known through the internet is high on my list of “why” and after spending several hours with these two, wonderful women, my reason was solidified. It truly filled my heart with joy to spend that time with them and to meet their families.

And now, it’s time for today’s nap. I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far!

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