Planning & Preparations

Where did the time go?

O01As I struggle to keep my eyes open tonight I remind myself that I’ve made a lot of progress. I have all the surfaces painted, the roof is sealed and the a/c shroud is back in place, the generator is gone, and someone is coming to get the propane tank this weekend. Packing up my things and transferring them to the RV will be a breeze compared to everything else I’ve already done.

I do feel bad for the cats lately since I’ve barely spent any time with them. They both, Serephina & Ofelia (the one in the picture), follow me through the apartment whenever I come in. I try to pet them each as often as I can, but it’s usually in passing as I get more water or something to eat. I can’t exactly tell them that soon I’ll be able to spend more time with them while I sit back & relax. But, I think they will be alright once we get settled.

It seems that there are still so many things that I need to take care of. A step stool for getting in & out of the RV, the trim & baseboards, the curtains, the extra locks for the door, the baby gate to keep the cats from messing up the screen, adding a screen to the underside of the dash to keep curious kittens from exploring in the wires, and so many other details. But, as my friend “J” says, “I’ve got this.” And I do.

For tonight, I hope that you are all having a good evening and that you are staying safe.

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