Learning the Steps, Planning & Preparations

Day Four

Well, it’s official! I’m apartment-free and all my belongings are in the RV. I still have a mess in here and there are still things that need to be organized and put away, but there is time for that all. Since the person didn’t show up for the propane tank, I went down the list of people and now there is someone who will be here on Sunday… which means I have to wait until then to leave. Even if the guy can’t make it, I’m leaving anyway.

Taken by Angela C.

First, there will be a couple stops (a day each) to visit with some friends nearby, then a 2-week stop in a campground while I rest and get to know my RV better. I’ve already learned that the shelves that I screwed to the floor need to be moved so that I can access the blinds better and so that the chairs swivel more easily (yeah, I’m kicking myself for not checking that before hand). I’ve also learned that I don’t like where I hung my shawls so that needs to move, too. Oh, and I need to move the medicine cabinet about six inches lower so that I can actually see in the darn thing.

Other small things that I’ve learned so far:

  • Sitting in town waiting for something is for the birds. Yes, I’ve been getting a lot done, but I also wish I were sitting in the woods somewhere getting these things done. Also, I can’t try out my rocket stove in this neighborhood.
  • Sunshine is a huge blessing, but also a bit of a curse when it’s hot outside.
  •  I still have too much stuff and will continue decluttering as time goes by.
  • Insulation, insulation, insulation. There are an incredible amount of vents in this RV where the propane appliances were. Now, however, they are just giant holes where the cold wind or the heat comes in.
  • LED lights rated for 12V systems are a bit horrid. I’m currently looking for something much better.
  • It’s fun watching the solar panel controller when I turn items on. The NuWave burner actually runs so much electricity that the inverter fan kicks on (the first time scared the jeebies out of me).
  • Putting dishes away in an apartment or house is very different from putting them away in an RV. My goblets are now wrapped in polystyrene sheets (that were in some packages I received lately) and my mugs are separated with polystyrene blocks. I worry most about the Starbucks glass that Brianna got me since it’s so thin.
  • The wind makes the RV rock a little and it’s kind of cool.
  • Mini-bungee cords are awesome.

The cats seem to be settled in already. Ofelia loves the dashboard (we’ll see if she likes it while I’m actually driving), Serephina has already claimed one of the chairs in the cab, and Khaleesi is being a kitten and playing everywhere she can. So far, there have only been a few hissing moments between the older cats and Khaleesi, and already they seem more mellow about having her here. Hopefully this will be a smoother transition than with Brianna’s & AJ’s kittens.

In other news, I’m planning a new dye session to coincide with Mesha’s newest creation! I know, I know, that’s news for Cauldron’s Path. But I’m excited because this will be the first MKAL set that I do out in the woods. And this month’s Pretty & Dangerous Flower will be the first limited edition set. And this month’s club. And the newest Fantasia set! It’s all very exciting to me.

For the moment, I’m going to get a few more things taken care of before I get some sleep. Happy adventures to you all!

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