Learning the Steps, Planning & Preparations

Bumps & Bruises

Yep, real bruises. It seems that I’ve been covered with them since starting this project, but I knew it was all part of the deal. Now, as I look at some of them, wondering how long they will take to go away (sometimes several weeks), I can’t help but smile at the fact that I had a really good reason for them all.

Yesterday, the last big item on the RV was taken care of when a gentleman showed up to remove my propane tank. He will install it (and Anthony’s) on a mobile kitchen for his wife. So, if you’re ever in the Toledo area, keep an eye open for “Lut’z Eat” on the side of a green & yellow truck. If she’s open for the day, you will have the opportunity to buy some pasties that are said to be extra delicious.

For now, I’m still going to be settling in for a while. This is normal for me since it always takes a while for me to decide where I want things to be as well as how they fit into the area better.  There is a little more room here than in the apartment that I had in Asheville and it’s laid out in a way that’s easier to utilize, I just need to live in it for a little while so that I get the proper feel for it.

IMG_1206The cats seem okay so far. Ofelia has taken over one of the cabinets, Serephina has claimed one of the cushions on the dashboard, and Khaleesi runs through the whole things like a normal kitten does. I worry, though, that this will be hard on them. I also worry about how to transition the older cats to outside-on-leashes cats. I’m pretty sure that Khaleesi will love it and won’t have a problem, but the older ones? I’m not so sure. Plus, I’ve never had an outdoor cat before and I’m not even sure that’s what I want now. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from various RV people, though. Acclimate the cats a little at a time. At the beginning, only take one outdoors at a time for short walks. Stay vigilant when it comes to fleas and ticks (this is the one that makes me want to keep them indoors only). Keep a familiar toy or something with them when they’re outdoors. And the list goes on.

I feel quite lucky that I’ve been able to take this time (since the 1st) to work out some of the kinks and issues with living in the RV. Such as dealing with the cold. You see, I’d planned to buy the heater and such at the end of September since that has been the “normal” time for the weather to get chilly, but the lows lately have been more like mid-October than early September. And so, I now have extra blankets for the windows, extra rugs on the floors, and I’ve even put my rocket stove to good use (no, not burning wood inside, but I’ve used the Safe Heat Sterno cans). I’ll be picking up a roll of Reflectix in the next couple days, too, and will make window coverings with it. While the blankets are helpful, I know that the Reflectix will work better. I also have been paying more attention to the water usage. Washing my hands, wiping the counter, washing the dishes – all of these things use quite a bit of water. That’s not even counting the yarn dyeing yet. I may end up buying a couple extra water containers (5-gallon bottles are easier for me to deal with) just to have extra.

Soon I’ll post about the things I have here (which solar panels, fridge, etc.). For now, I hope that you all have a fabulous day!

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