She’s here!

RV01I am now the happy owner of a 1987 Georgie Boy LM. She’s old and needs a lot of cleaning up, but also solid and in great condition. The great thing is that Anthony got his within a couple days of me finding mine. His blog is here and he’s just getting started on it. He’s helping me a lot with mine so that it’s “cat ready” before working on his, though.

I knew right away that the changes I’d be making to the Georgie Boy would be challenging, but worth it in the end. Right now I’m still in the “challenging” phase of it, but I can see all the potential, too. All the furniture from the living room is now gone as are all the appliances (everything that ran on propane). I also repaired the muffler and Anthony fixed the headlights. What’s left? Taking out the closet above the bed (I know that I’ll kick it one night and break my toe or something), put in the new toilet, cut the other bed down so that it only houses the water tank and not to entire side of the bedroom, install the fridge, seal off the openings, install the water filter, re-cover the shower, replace the bathroom sink, tear out the carpet… the list goes on, but it will be worth it.

I’ve been asked a few times if the RV will have a name and I did think about it, even before creating this blog. Morrigan’s Nest. Because it’s my home, my nest, my sanctuary. This is the home that will come with me. How long will I live in it/her? I don’t even know. I’m hoping to travel at least 10 years. My traveling will be slow and meandering, but there are so many beautiful things to see out there.

I’m going to share all the pictures soon, but it’s already getting late here (8:35am) and I need to get out to the RV and get started on today’s tasks. Sending you lots of love!


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