Sort of settled…

Things are a little quieter now that I’m moved into the house and most of my things are unpacked. There are still a couple boxes that have fabric & yarn, decorations, and crafting items, but I’m making good progress on it all. The yard brings me delight almost every time I step outside. There are wild violets, the soft lavender ones, in several places scattered around and I recently found the dark purple ones. The main part of the yard is moss and I look forward to walking on it barefooted when the temperatures are more comfortable for me (it was in the 80s this weekend, but dropped back into the 50s next couple days). There are four varieties of daffodils, three varieties of hostas, sedum, several unidentified bulbs, and many other things that I’m unsure of. There’s a rather steep slope in the front of the house and I’m thinking that I’ll toss some of my creeping thyme seeds out there and see if they take hold. I’ll move some of the vinca and ivy that direction, too, in the hopes that it helps with erosion control. At least a little. There is a hawk family in one of the spruce trees and I love watching the parents swoop overhead and glide over to the wooded area across the street. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

Next weekend, or soon afterward, I’ll have a couple more shelves to put my bins on which will make things more accessible. It’s hard to plan projects when you’re not sure what supplies you still own and which ones you let go of. For example, I forgot that I’d bought Bellatrix by Bella Filipina and almost bought it again. I also found most of my kitted (meaning that I gathered all the threads, beads, and needles needed) and started cross-stitch projects. One of the ones that I’d started is called The Raven Queen by Mirabilia and I already decided that she should be on a different fabric, so I’ll have to restart her. Another that has only been kitted, “Ivy” by Nora Corbett was supposed to be a gift for Tamara. And, of course, all the other witchy and Pagan designs that I’ve bought online.

My aquarium is set up and running and, for now, I won’t be getting another betta for a couple months, though. The reason for that is that I’m creating a community tank and it’s best to have that set up completely before introducing the betta. By nature, betta males are territorial and gets testy when new fish are added. However, if they’re added to a tank that’s already well-established, they tend to get along better. For the moment, I have 1 brown mystery snail, 5 minnows and 2 green lantern platys. In a couple weeks (or soon after) I will have a couple corydoras to help clean up the food that falls to the bottom. This aquarium is 29 gallons, but I’ll be reducing the water’s height once I get a different filter. Overall, the tank will end up being under 25 gallons so that I can grow things like miniature lotus bulbs without worrying that the lights will burn the plants.

I set up my Payhip shop with more patterns, including the Year of Meditations Set (socks). This is the only way that folks can get the bonus pattern until 2023. I haven’t seen any sales from there, yet, but I’m still hopeful. There is a way to list physical items, too, and I’ll be working on those before long.

Physically, I’m doing okay. I needed a nap a few days back, but there were 18 days in between that day and the last nap, so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m still sleeping between 8-9 hours each night and I’m doing my best not to be bothered by it. I’ll admit that I do miss the days when I could hop out of bed before dawn and go-go-go until after 10p. Still, I’ve come to terms with most of my current limitations. Mentally, I still have a lot of brain fog in unexpected moments. I believe the lion’s mane supplements are helping, but the moments when I can’t continue a sentence is unnerving. Even so, I will be starting back up with my Spanish lessons on Duolingo and Memrise. I still have plans to get the Rosetta Stone bundle (lifetime membership) so that I can tinker around with a few different languages, but that will be later on.

That’s it for now. I have a lot of knitting to do and deadlines to meet.

Wild violets

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