Thoughts & Musings

Closing in on summer

Kitties01I sit here this morning with the windows wide open, my toes a little chilled, and hot coffee in my hand. Can it really be that we are entering the second week of June? I check out the upcoming forecast and I see that the temperatures are rising into the nineties in the next day or so. Yep, summer is here and the air conditioners will be running full blast while the fans do their best to keep the air moving in this apartment. Its layout isn’t conducive to staying cool with only one a/c unit running, unfortunately. Still, if I can keep my room below seventy-six degrees at night, I’ll be okay.

This leads me to thinking about life in a motor home. I’ll be using solar power nearly exclusively, so how will I keep everything cool enough? I can deal with the heat better than some, but what about my cats? Parking in the shade will only help so much. Using a misting system like I had in Phoenix would likely cause too much humidity inside (leading to mold or mildew) unless I’m in a very dry climate. I asked Ms. Google what she thought and was happy to find so many ideas and tricks. I’m hoping that some of them work well enough to help the kitties stay cool during the warmer parts of our journey.

In the meantime, I’m playing around with solar methods of cooking and dyeing yarn, looking around at the things I still have and wondering how much I can cull before I buy the motor home, and trying to decide if a dog is really what I want. I love the idea of having a walking buddy and another critter to love, but is it a smart move right now? Until I can decide that, I won’t be getting one. I’m also working out a different way of dealing with the cat box. I don’t want to spend $15 every month on litter, but I know that I haven’t got the patience to teach my cats to use the toilet (though, that might change once we’re out there in the woods). The last stuff I tried didn’t work well, but I have more hopes for the pea gravel that I’m using now. Whatever I use must be non-porous for ease in cleaning, but also small enough and light enough that the cats are okay using it and I’m okay picking it up (litter boxes are heavy, in case you didn’t already know that).

Having my appendix removed recently has set me back a little in my walking/running and yoga. Certain movements still cause a bit of pain near the incision, but I can feel each day that the healing is going well. The silver lining is that this happened while I was still in a place where someone could take care of the cats and that I was able to get to the hospital quickly.  My kids were great in taking care of everything from cleaning the cat box to walking me up the stairs.

As I look toward the upcoming tomorrows, I can’t help but think of how many adventures I’ll be having and how many people I’ll be meeting. It’s daunting and exhilarating all at the same time. I am a hermit, after all! But it will be fun to see you all when I reach your part of the country. For now, I’m sending you love and light.

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