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Cold and colder…

Leaf02As you know, there are some record low temperatures already happening all over the country and even lower ones projected for the beginning of 2018. I’ll admit that, even with all of my preparations, I’m still a little nervous about it. After all, this is a 30 year old motorhome that wasn’t meant for winter weather. Even so, I’ve made things as snug as I can and have an electric heater (the Delonghi oil-filled kind) and a propane Mr. Heater (along with a 25-pound tank waiting to be used). The floors are covered well, there are some great window coverings (I’ll post about them later), and I have a “skirt” around the bottom and across the engine. I have a rocket stove in the bedroom to hold candles, a heated mattress cover with a down comforter and other blankets, long-sleeved pajamas, and three kitties who like to snuggle up to me at night. I believe I’ll be fine as long as the power stays on. After all, I’ve withstood temperatures as low as 16° so far and my bedroom remained at 67° without needing to use the propane heater. Will I need it in the upcoming days? Most likely, yes.

However, even if all my preparations are not enough to stay relatively comfortable, I have a room inside a friend’s house where I can take my cats and be more safe.

In other news, there is a part of me that is quite happy to stay in one place for this time. I get the opportunity to catch up on orders, think some things through, and to rest my mind. I’ve been able to listen to birds, search for stones in a creek, and even sit beside a chimenea and knit in the sunshine. When the weather gets back to some semblance of normalcy, I will be able to head out and enjoy the local sites and visit with a few friends.

Is there a part of me that misses the traveling? A little bit, yes. When winter is over I’ll be meandering back northward, dyeing yarn and taking more pictures.

I want to write more tonight, but I have some things that must be finished soon so I need to sign off. Hopefully the new year will bring more time for writing. Love to you all!

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