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Depth and more…

First, there is a super special announcement in the Nest! I’m going to be a Nana this summer! My daughter (who turned 22 today) is expecting her first child. She & her husband haven’t been specifically trying, but they stopped avoiding pregnancy (with the implant) in June of this year. Yes, there will certainly be baby knitting happening around here! I already have Baby Link on my list of things to finish during this Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup term (January through March).

Baby Gamblin’s first pictures

It’s not often that I jump onto a trend as soon as I hear about it, but this one really caught my attention. For whatever reason, it ties in perfectly with my plans for 2019 and I decided to look into it more thoroughly.

A Depth Year. The original post about it was written about a year ago and it seemed to catch fire with many people. A year later, the author shared his own thoughts on the subject.

So, what does this all mean for me and my Nest? I have been thinking about this for a while now and have started a small list of “physical things”. For example, only knitting with the yarn that I currently own (I do need to get it all added to Ravelry, though), not starting any new crafts and focusing on the ones I currently have supplies for, limit my Starbucks purchases to $10/month, using up my candles before buying any new ones, and so on. I’m also including “mental things” such as finally focusing on learning Spanish (especially with the baby on the way), reading more of my books, refraining from mindless scrolling through Facebook, and more. Of course, I’m adding “spiritual things”, too. Work more with the decks that I have, listen to the weather more, and spending more time outdoors.

Since there are some changes in the shops coming up, this will be a good way to help me stay focused. My plan, such as it is, it to break everything down by quarters. At the end of March, I’ll evaluate what has been working and where I need to fine tune something.

What’s on your list for the upcoming year?

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