Thoughts & Musings, Woman Rising


There was a time when I would find interest in something and jump in with both feet, no hesitation. Crafts, books, foods, ideas, and so much more.

Counted cross stitch? I found the most intricate pattern I could find and worked on it for hours at a time. Model cars? I had fine brushes to paint the instrument panels of the dashboards with. I would paint, sand, paint, sand, and paint again the bodies until they shone. I would “weather” the tires and leather interior.

Bead-work? Amulet bags, wall hangings, and jewelry in every color. Seed beads, Delicas, and Toho. Sizes ranging from 8 to 15 and once with size 25. I don’t think there was a color made that I didn’t own at the time.

Gardening, painting, writing, drawing, quilling, sewing, plaster-painting, and so much more! I would jump in full-swing and immerse myself in the techniques and histories. I’d glory in the colors and textures. I’d revel in the scents and sounds.

When did that end? I can point to the decade that brought self-doubt, second-guessing, and hesitation. I’m not proud of that time in my life, but I got through it. Now it’s time to use my own magic, reattach my wings, and get out there and fly with everything I enjoy.

Oak Leaf Mitt

That’s not going to be an easy task some days due to health or whatever, but I am determined to rekindle some of those flames. Since I’ve chosen 2019 to go deeper into my interests, beliefs, and more, I will be taking one month for each of the crafts that I have supplies for. January is all about tying up loose ends, but starting in February, I’ll pull out one of my loved, but set-aside crafting bins and will focus on it for the whole month.

What’s in store? Wood-burning, metal-stamping, dot-painting, water colors, candle making, spinning, weaving, calligraphy, embroidery, and sewing. That will get me to the end of November. I’ll number each of these projects and use to determine which one for each month. Sounds a little silly, huh? But, this way I can figure out if I still love these crafts or if I just feel guilty about letting go of the supplies.

How has your years started?

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