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We knew that it was a strong possibility, but still held onto the hope that the virus would be under control by now. Instead, the numbers of new cases are rising each day and it’s becoming more and more dangerous to leave the house. The states between Ohio and Colorado also have “shelter in place” orders and one sheriff’s department employee that I spoke to strongly recommended that we not drive through his county because it’s likely we’d be pulled over and questioned. Not only that, but we would be in a “suggested” quarantine as soon as we arrived, which means grocery shopping would be a challenge. And, of course, now we have protests all over the place.

And so, after discussing all of this for over two hours, the decision was made to postpone the move until autumn. That meant that we had to scramble to inform family, the landlord, utility companies, and other relevant people. That also meant that we had to make some decisions about where we’d stay (after all, this is a four-bedroom house and it’s just the two of us), what we’re going to do in the meantime, and how we’re going to handle the move. We had specific plans for what we’d be doing once we arrived in our new temporary home while we started searching for the property that would suit our purpose and now those are… not exactly canceled, but certainly shifted.

This is Ofelia’s favorite shawl.

Anthony and I are both looking at this as a chance to continue getting ready for the move as well as shift our timeline a little so that we are doing some of the things that were earmarked for “post move” in the now. We are taking time to “move in’ to this house again in a way that will allow us our own space as well as create a new space for a joint adventure. I’ll be sharing some news about Felines and Filaments soon (hint, 3D printing is so much fun!) as well as a few changes for The Cauldron’s Path (don’t worry, I’m not closing or anything like that).

On a more personal level, I miss the rest of my family so much! AJ is now working every day (two jobs) while Brianna stays home with Mara. And, while I am able to see videos here and there of Mara’s progress, I dearly miss holding her as she “sings” with me. She’s already standing on her own and I can only cheer her on through a screen. Still, even this is a blessing because my family is healthy so far. And right now, that’s the most important part. I worry daily about Brianna’s little family since AJ is working around a lot of people now. And, admittedly, I worry about myself since I had to go grocery shopping on Thursday. While I can and will stay home for the next two weeks, I know that Brianna & family cannot do that. For them, like so many others, every day is a reset on whether or not you can expect to get sick.

Except for Saturday (when we finished emptying the basement), this weekend was for resting and recuperating. Anthony and I both needed it. I spent time knitting and stitching, he spent time doing tech-stuff. In the weeks ahead, we will finish rearranging the house and learning more about the new adventure. Since we’re both trying not to dwell on the fact that I could start showing symptoms over the next eleven days, it’s going to be a time of cheerful videos, discussions about Felines and Filaments, and resting.

My hope for you all is that you remain as healthy as can be and that this pandemic treats you and your loved ones kindly.

2 thoughts on “Postponed…”

  1. I am so sorry that your plans are delayed. I am glad that you both are being cautious though.

    Do you have grocery pick up available? It worked really well for me. I would definitely recommend it.

    Be safe.


    1. I do have grocery pickup available, but there are many times that the selection isn’t as large as what’s in the store. And, the online shop doesn’t list all the sales and such. Even so, I’ll only be heading inside if I really need to (they don’t list toilet paper on the site, though it’s in the store).


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