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Simple preparations

I gave away seven pots of plants yesterday. No, not plants of pot. I had seven flowerpots full of plants that now have a new home. I chose very carefully which ones I’ll keep for myself and gave away the rest. A very cool young woman (J) came by and picked up the mini-orange tree, pineapple plant, ficus & evergreen trees, several African violets, the spider plants, and several cuttings from the cereus and Christmas cactus. J will be creating a terrarium with these plants to fill a large spot in her home. What I have left are the coffee plant, the original Christmas cactus and cereus, peppermint, and all the mini orchids and air plants. Eventually the orchids will be mounted in a wall hanging (most likely cork) so that they can happily decorate the spaces in the motor home. I’ll be rearranging the air plants pretty soon and they will stay on the driftwood that was a gift from a friend and the cholla branches my dad sent to me.

8395151770_f12e177e24_z (1) Why did I choose to rehome the ones I did? Well, the pineapple and miniature orange have sharp bits that might not be great in small spaces and the cats nibble on the other plants unless I keep them on a high shelf. In such a small space, I really don’t think that will work well. I’ll admit that it was oddly refreshing to see all that empty space in my room. I know that I will eventually buy a few more plants, but I’ll be very careful about the choosing. It will most likely be herbs and such, but that’s about it.

I measured out a space in the apartment that sort of represents the interior of a 30 foot RV and, since it’s mostly empty, it seems really big. I know that, once I move the yarn equipment over and rearrange a few things, the space will seem very small, but at least I’ll have a visual now.

I’m in the process of making a lot of cool items for the new shop and I’ve decided that a large portion of the profits will go toward the cost of the motor home. I’ll buy more supplies, of course, and add new items to the shop, but the sooner I can locate and purchase the RV, the sooner I can start renovating it so that I can move in. The renovations won’t be easy, but I don’t think they’ll be too difficult, either. A small list of what I plan to do is:

  • remove almost all the furniture (table, couch & chairs, beds)
  • possibly add more/larger windows
  • add a stronger fan for the stove exhaust (the dye pots tend to get really steamy)
  • build shelves & extra cabinets
  • figure out how to mount the skein winder & swift (I’ll only bring one of each on the road)
  • mount the warping board (I use that to make the striping yarn)
  • figure a safe way to secure the spinning wheel (possibly velcro straps on one wall)
  • install hooks to hang the yarn rack for drying
  • add a work table for making the candles and such
  • mount the embroidery machine (possibly not, since it might be better to put it away while I use the table)
  • mount a spool rack (with elastic bands to keep the spools from bouncing off while on the road)
  • install a twin futon (I assume that I need to secure it to the floor) and the drawers underneath
  • possibly add a shelf that runs the length of the RV for the cats to run around on
  • install a cat tree (secured to floor & ceiling) with extra scratch surfaces
  • install the water filter & distiller (so I can even use creek water)
  • install solar panels
  • paint the whole interior

This is just a small list so far. I’ll still need to figure out a safe place for the yarns & dyes, the supplies for the embroidery, supplies for candle making, and all the other business stuff such as shipping bags/boxes, labels, printer and all that. When I write it all out, it seems a little daunting, but I believe I can do it.

For now, I’ll just keep paring down the household items and decide which ones will go into storage and which ones will come with me. Eventually I’ll settle down, I think, and I’ll want some of the things that I won’t be taking with me. For example, all the photo albums & kids’ things. I figure that a storage unit somewhere in the middle section of the country would be best since I could reach it relatively easily (in case the winder breaks and I need the other one or something like that).

I’m also reading several full-time RVer blogs and learning all that I can about being on the road. Postal mail, insurance, taxes on the stuff I sell (that alone almost stopped me from doing this), and so much more. At this point, I’ll take almost any suggestions and information so that I’m more prepared once I actually hit the road.

I feel almost as if I’m putting more energy into this than I need to at this point, but the ideas are popping into my head almost every moment. And that is a really good thing.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. ~ Danny Kaye

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