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Cleaning out

Well, I did say that the posts would likely be scattered.

I’ve been going through my drawers and cabinets trying to figure out what I’ll really want to bring with me. Stacks of blankets? I might need those no matter where I spend my winters and they can be laid out flat under the mattress for storage. Fifty billion t-shirts? I’ll have to sort through those and pick out my favorites. Two pie pans? I don’t use those for anything besides the occasional package of cinnamon rolls. And I doubt I’ll be making those on the road. Baking dishes, a million jelly-jar glasses, a thousand coffee mugs… I don’t need all of these. Granted, I won’t just take one of everything with me, but it will certainly be pared down significantly. I think that, by doing this now, it will give me more time to really figure out what is needed, what will go into storage, and what will be sent to the thrift store. By getting rid of a lot of this now, it has the added benefit of making my next move a lot easier.

I also need a workstation. After embroidering several items, it’s pretty clear that the desk is just not going to cut it. I’ll most likely end up making one to suit my needs since I am pretty sure I won’t be able to fit one through the door of the motor home. Heck, I’d probably have a hard time fitting one through my front door and that’s a standard one.

100_0037My main concern is really for the cats. I know that they are doing fine in this apartment, but even the big RVs are about one third the size of this place. Will being able to go outdoors on harnesses be enough? Will the travel stress them out too much? I can’t be sure, but I see that others have brought their cats on the road and all seems to be fine. I’ll just have to make sure to pay close attention and do what I can to head off any issues before they start.¬†Another concern is for the food. Part of me thinks that a small freezer would be beneficial to keep enough fruits and veggies on hand. I will have to research the amperage and such to be sure that it will suffice, though.

The funny thing is that I am ready to head out now even though I’m nowhere near ready to buy the RV. Each day I have more items to add to The Raven’s Cauldron and I’m about to order more yarn for Alina Shea Creations (gradient skeins!). Each sale is a mini celebration since I know that it will bring me just a little closer to this goal. And, as long as I stay focused, I know that it will just be a matter of time.

In the meantime… this might sound pretty silly to some of you, but the other day when I was on the phone with my son, it occurred to me that I will not only get to visit with my customers and friends, but that I will also be able to visit places I’ve always wanted to see. Crazy, right? It took me a while to figure that one out.

For now, I will keep making things for the shops and I’ll keep downsizing all the clutter. I hope you’re all having a fabulous evening!

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