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Making my way…

My last week in Ohio was a mostly peaceful one. I discovered that the local transit system will actually come out to the campground to get you, take you to run your errands, then bring you back to your site. My errands in McConnelsville cost a total of $2.50. If you’re ever in the AED lands, check out the Morgan County Transit. For those of us without an extra vehicle, it is very nice to have that option.

I learned a great deal about the propane heater and the amount of humidity that it puts out into the air. Yes, I’d read about it all and I knew that I’d have to take extra steps to ensure that I took precautions on minimizing the risks of dampness. However, when the rain is falling steadily outside and the temperatures are below 40°, it’s not that easy. Even so, I managed to stay warm without soaking the inside of my home. I will use the propane heater whenever it’s absolutely necessary, but I’m hoping to avoid it as much as possible.

My day of running errands in Marietta took most of the day. Between laundry, groceries, and getting things printed for the shop, I was in that town for several hours and didn’t get to see anything cool or touristy. Perhaps next time. I ended that day in St. Albans Roadside Park where there was drinking water and electricity available for anyone. The maximum stay is two nights and that was just what I needed to finish up orders and such. The luxury of running the electric space heater was quite nice. No condensation on the windows in the morning and no fear that Khaleesi would catch her fluffy tail on fire (for the record, I didn’t run the propane heater during the night, only when I was awake and able to watch for potential issues.) There was a lot of traffic noise since it’s next to a major road, but I was okay with it, especially since it was only going to be a couple nights.

creek01After that, I headed even farther south and am now in Virginia. The drive here was pretty stressful and I’ve learned a few things. West Virginia’s toll booths only take cash (thankfully I still had money left over from doing laundry), Ofelia can actually panic enough to get herself out of the large carrier while I’m driving and cause injury to herself (she’s fine, but it could have been really bad), and when one of the arms of the awning drops to the ground, it sounds loud enough to scare the jeebies out of a person. I’ll be repairing the arm today and am hoping that it doesn’t happen again before I can buy the part to properly fix it. As for Ofelia, part of me thinks that she’s better off hiding under my blanket instead of being in the carrier. At least she stays put there.

Even so, I’m now in a site where there is a small creek outside my window and I can hear several crows calling out to each other. I’m here too late for the blazing colors, but there are still a few trees here & there that catch my eye and make me want to stop and take pictures. However, since this is more of a flight to a safe (electrified) harbor, there isn’t a lot of time for that.

I was playing around with Facebook Live earlier and am happy to say that it doesn’t show my location or anything like that so I’ll be able to start posting a few videos on Morrigan’s Nest FB. I look forward to showing you guys things like my RV, the cats, and even my working habits.

Today, after I work on the awning arm, I’m going to relax and unwind from yesterday’s events. Tomorrow is another long drive and I want to be well-rested for it.

May you all have a fabulous day!

6 thoughts on “Making my way…”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I am new to rving and was unaware of the moisture buildup. A very important feature to know. So it’s better to get a small electric heater for use. How far south do you plan to go? Will be listening for your travels and watching for pics!

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    1. Sometimes I’m unable to use an electric heater (I don’t usually stay where there is electricity and my solar batteries won’t support a heater overnight), so it’s necessary to use a propane heater. I did buy the DampRid containers to hold me over until I can buy a small dehumidifier.

      My plan (which is extremely flexible) is to head to Florida when I have the funds to do so. But that could change. 🙂


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