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The little things…

A couple years ago, I was mentioning how I knew that this wouldn’t be all sunshine & sparkles. I was trying to be realistic about how not-easy it would be to live in a tiny space and deal with traveling every couple weeks. I knew that it wouldn’t be a piece of cake, especially since I’d be in an older model motorhome and had limited funds. But knowing in my head and knowing by living the life are two very different beasts.

I don’t think I realized just how much time would be taken up with the day to day living in this lifestyle I’ve chosen. Things that I took for granted are now a chore. Taking a shower now requires that I heat up the water and pour it into the sprayer (yes, I’ll be buying the camp shower that you hang in the sun very soon). Washing dishes also requires warming up the water beforehand. And, since my water pump stopped working a few days ago, now I have to access the water tank from the outside drain whenever I need fresh water. This also means that I can’t use my awesome water filter right now and will have to buy drinking water whenever I can.

But there is more to it than that. As evening falls I need to cover the windows to trap the day’s heat inside so that I don’t have to work so hard at warming it up through the night. Cooking dinner requires a little more planning to make sure I don’t drain the solar batteries so far that I don’t have enough electricity through the night to keep the fridge running. I have learned things that I hadn’t thought about before actually living in the RV. The floor, for example. While it looks really cool to have the OSB painted decoratively, it’s a pain in the butt to mop and keep the crevices cleaned out. Plus the fact that it’s pretty chilly on my feet in the morning, even through my wool socks. And, while there is some peace of mind in being rid of the 30-year-old propane appliances, there is a downside of not having the hot water heater (it’s on my list of things to buy… which won’t matter until the water pump is replaced). And the packing to move… let’s just say that it’s less than pleasant each time and I’m thinking more and more that I need to de-clutter even more than I already have.

Now, with all that you just read, you might be thinking that I’m already tired of this life after barely two weeks. I would think the same thing if I were reading this on a stranger’s page, but I’d be wrong. You see, there are some incredibly wonderful things that happen each day that I’m out here. Waking up to all three cats snuggled against me. Listening to owls at three o’clock in the morning while I am toasty in my blankets. Dyeing yarn & fiber outdoors and stopping long enough to get some pictures of the Great blue Heron that landed at a nearby pond. The joy of figuring out the rocket stove enough to get it to light on the first try. Melting wax for Blessing Candles by using a make-shift solar oven. Standing outside at night and seeing so many stars that it takes my breath away.

All in all, so far it is worth all the trouble.


Yesterday I spent most of my time rearranging the furniture in the studio (I’m making an effort to stop calling it a living room since it isn’t that anymore) so that there was enough space around the Mr. Heater Buddy propane heater. I will say that I’m very impressed with this little heater and the way that it heats up my living space in a short amount of time while on the “Low” setting. The back doesn’t get hot at all and it can be mounted to the wall, but I won’t do that. Instead, I have it on a small platform that has ample room around it in order to be safe, even from the cats.

I also covered nearly every inch of my floor in order to help insulate it from the cold temperatures coming in a couple nights. Granted, it now looks pretty interesting with a combination of rugs, blankets, and carpeting, but I know that it will help a lot and I can take care of a more permanent solution later down the road. Under all the floor coverings are bits of polypropylene foam sheets (that came with the solar panels), an old yoga mat, and an acrylic blanket that feels like felted wool.

I still need to make the curtains, but for the time being, the old blankets are enough for the nights. As soon as I can, I’ll be sure to set the sewing machine up and get them started. Granted, that might not be until I land in Asheville, but it will happen. In the meantime, I work on things for the shops as well as my Spanish lessons (according to DuoLingo, I’m at 36% proficiency). Soon, I will get the Tarot Workshop going again as well as start planning for NaNoWriMo. And, I’m learning what it feels like to truly relax. I’m still not very good at it, but I’m starting to get better.

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend.

10 thoughts on “The little things…”

    1. I have thought about it, but don’t have bubble wrap right now. Plus, the days are still getting up into the 70s and it’s nice top open the windows without a lot of hassle. However, I’ll certainly be looking into more winter tips!

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  1. So you are headed to Asheville, NC. Where. Generally, are you now while you write this. It would add so much more to the blog especially the parts about keeping warm. Just a first impression but it sounds like you don’t have much experience camping. Which is ok. But it would help you figure out how to stay warm.


    1. Since I’m traveling alone, I tend not to say where I am, but I can see how “southern Ohio” is vague enough for safety and still detail enough to let people know how the weather is. That’s a good suggestion.

      I actually do have a lot of experience camping, but this is far different. I’m living in the RV and not just headed out for the weekends. Keeping my home warm during the winter wasn’t quite as much of a challenge as a motorhome since I’m also trying to boondock (no electrical hookups) as much as possible. My solar panels aren’t quite enough to run most heaters and propane heaters add a lot of moisture inside (detrimental to RVs).

      All in all, there are still a lot of things to learn even though I’ve been reading various RV blogs & forums for a long while. ☺


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